A masterpiece by Gauguin will be restored thanks to crowdfunding

Published on 15.11.2016

The crowdfunding campaign by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (RMFAB) for the restoration of a masterpiece by Paul Gauguin was a true success! Thanks to the public’s generosity, the goal of €22,500 was accomplished in less than three weeks and long before the deadline. A record in Belgium!

“We are delighted by the public’s positive reaction to the Museums’ call. Next to the financial support, we are especially touched by the expression of support of the public. They clearly appreciate the cultural patrimony and want to keep on treasuring it.” (Michel Draguet, General Director RMFAB)
The numerous donors who contributed to this success will be informed of every step of the restoration. It will commence at the end of November and will take at least 6 months.

This portrait of Suzanne Bambridge is one of the masterpieces by Paul Gauguin. Painted during his first stay in Tahiti (1891), it is the first (and rare) frontal portrait he made. The work underwent many trials and was damaged by several relocations, storage and little professional restorations. The work was eventually bought the Museums in 1923.

"This work of Gauguin, which is currently distorted, will find its original aspect again after the restoration. The public will thus be able to discover the work the way Gauguin intended it to be.", says Etienne Van Vyve, restorer. "I am impatient to begin the restoration of a masterpiece that carries so much history in it.", he adds.
This important work by Paul Gauguin is regularly requested for loan to international exhibitions. However, the fragile state of the canvas did not allow for it to leave the museum. Its restoration will make it possible for the work to be loaned on request again.

Rediscover the video teaser of the crowdfunding action: 


Our gratitude goes out to Gingo, Baillet Latour Fonds, de Maecenas Circle, Become A Friend and all sponsors for his crowdfunding campaign!