Acquisition: Albert Gregorius, The abduction of Helen (ca. 1800)

Published on 15.12.2017

This acquisition enriches the Neoclassical collection of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium and corresponds with the recent purchases of drawings by Jean-Bernard Duvivier and François-Joseph Navez.

The collection of the RMFAB contains few Neoclassical works with an ancient theme. The drawing by Albert Gregorius (Bruges 1774 - Bruges 1853) is typical of a rather well-documented but misunderstood period in the history of Belgian art. It is very pure and graphic, with accentuated contours, musculature and drapery. 

Albert Gregorius is a little-known French-Belgian painter, draftsman and illustrator. The former student of the Academy of Bruges left for Paris in 1801, where he became the apprentice of his fellow townsman Joseph-Benoît Suvée and from 1802 of Jacques-Louis David. In 1835, after living in Paris for 33 years, he was appointed director of the Academy in his native city. Working mainly as a portraitist, Gregorius exhibited at the Salons in Paris from 1812 to 1835.