Published on 14.06.2018

A projection space in the Patio!

The architecture of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium is unique and rich in history. The part of the museum that is now called Patio was once, as its name suggests, an inner courtyard. This space is now dedicated to Modern Art and consists of two levels. The ground floor is opened from above by a large oculus that evokes the time when this was an open-air space.

In May 2016, during the redevelopment of the Patio, a multimedia device in cylindrical form (echoing   the architectural dynamics) was incorporated into the setting. On the occasion of the exhibition "Hiroshi Sugimoto. Still Life", this cylinder is exclusively dedicated to projections for the first time.

Installed in the intimate space created by this hemicycle, the public is invited to immerse themselves in two films specially chosen by the artist. In this exhibition space, works of art and projections have their own space and do not interfere with each other. Each aspect can be discovered in serenity and complementarity. Designed to enhance the visitor experience, the cylinder offers the public a place and a moment of repose.


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