Restoration of Suzanne Bambridge: almost final update!

Published on 10.09.2017

The “Portrait of Suzanne Bambridge” has been completely stripped of previous, ill-conceived restorations. She is now ready for a thorough touch-up with aquarelle. 

Aquarelle is used to restore oil paintings because of its reversible character. A painting conservator's task is not to recreate the painting with the exact same materials (as a forger would), but to create the illusion of what it used to look like. Therefore, any change made by any other person than the artist himself, has to be reversible. Decades from now, future conservators will still be able to see what's original and what's not. Luckily for us, we won't. We'll just stare and marvel at Suzanne Bambridge's beauty as if she never aged.

In this video, Etienne van Vyve, the restorer, explains the aquarelle technique:

A special thanks to Gingo, Baillet Latour Funds, the Maecenas Circle, Become A Friend and all the donators of the crowdfunding action.