Restoration Suzanne Bambridge: Gauguin restorator!

Published on 07.06.2017

It’s Paul Gauguin’s birthday today (born on 7 June 1848), an ideal moment to update you on the restoration process of his “Portrait of Suzanne Bambridge”.

The restoration of Paul Gauguin's "Portrait of Suzanne Bambridge" is well on its way. During the restoration, we did however make some new discoveries, which led to extra analyses which have prolonged the restoration schedule. We found out during the first restoration phase that, as opposed to what the preliminary studies had us suspect, Paul Gauguin restored some parts of the painting himself, probably due to the quick degradation of the fragile material in Tahiti.

The Modern Art Department of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium then decided to apply the newest research methods of the Full Scan XRF analysis (performed by the ULG). These extra analyses did not only map out the exact distribution and overlay of the different pigments, but most importantly, they showed the adaptations made by the artist himself in Tahiti. With this crucial new information, we continue to restore Gauguin's masterpiece with lots of care and patience. We thank you for your understanding and will update you again in a couple of weeks!