The Healing Power of Art: report (NL)

Published on 01.02.2018

On 20 June 2017, during the colloquium “The Healing Power of Art”, the healthcare and arts sectors had an exchange about what they could do for each other. It was a very much appreciated day by a large audience, full of inspired lectures, enriching workshops and a fascinating panel of discussions. Dirk De Wachter, Barbara Raes, Frie Leysen and artists Christian Bakalov, Mike Schmid and Jorge Leon, among others, participated in those discussions.

FARO, the Flemish support center for cultural heritage, was present and gathered the most striking statements of the morning program in a Dutch report. It is perfect for those who were not present or who want to go through that day again! We are currently working on a video report of the colloquium.

Report The healing power of art (nl)

Inspired by the colloquium, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium now also offer specific guided tours for people from palliative care, retirement homes and hospitals. Click this link for more info or contact Isabel Vermote.

Once again, we want to thank  all the volunteers and attendees!