Please find a full list of our admission prices below. You can choose to visit only one of the Museums, or purchase a ticket that combines a visit to several of them. For admission to temporary exhibitions, please refer to the 'Exhibitions' heading.

 Musée Oldmasters Museum
Musée Modern MuseumMusée Fin-de-Siècle MuseumMusée Magritte MuseumCombi (Magritte, Modern, Oldmasters and Fin-de-Siècle)
Adults 26 - 64  € 8  € 8  € 8 € 8 € 13
Adults + 65; adults in groups  € 6  € 6  € 6 € 6 € 9
  • Children and young people 6 - 25 years, individually or in groups
  • People with disabilities and escort
  • Job seekers and integration income beneficiaries (Law of 26/05/2002)
 € 2  € 2  € 2 € 2 € 3
  • Children (aged 5 and under) accompanied by an adult
  • Friends of the RMFAB
  • Any visitor first Wednesday of each month from 13:00 onwards
  • Press card holders
  • One accompanying person per group with greatly reduced admission price
  • Belgian school teachers
  • ICOM members
  • Members of ICOM-Vlaanderen, ICOM / Wallonie-Bruxelles
  • City of Brussels guides
  • Science Policy (Belspo) staff
Free  Free  Free Free Free

Visioguide Fin-de-Siècle (French, Dutch, English, German)

Audioguide Old Masters (French, Dutch, English, German)

Audio and visio guides Magritte:

  • NEW! Audio guide for kids (French, Dutch, English, German, Italian)
  • NEW! Audio guide for adolescents (French, Dutch, English, German, Italian)
  • Audio guide for adultes (French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Italian)
  • Visio guide for adults and blind visitors (French, Dutch, English)
€ 4 € 4 € 4

Free admission to all museums on the 1st Wednesday of the month from 13:00 [does not apply to temporary exhibitions]

Musée Wiertz Museum and Musée Meunier Museum: free of charge

Brussels Card: free of charge

[!] There are extra security checks at the entrance which may cause delays. For security reasons, visitors can be asked to open their bags or packages before they are accepted in the cloakroom. The cloakroom staff may refuse objects that appear to present a risk to the security and good order of the institution. Suitcases will only be accepted in the cloakrooms if they are smaller than 55x50x35 cm. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience this might cause.